How a Dental Sealant Can Keep Teeth Clean

Your dentist might recommend dental sealant if some of your teeth are vulnerable to decay.

3 Ways to Achieve Straighter Teeth with a Smile Makeover

Many people are now looking into teeth straightening options as part of a smile makeover, which can help create an appealing and healthier smile.

What Can Cause a Dental Filling to Fall Out

Everyone should see their dentist twice a year. It is during these visits where most oral health issues are detected.

How a General Dentist May Treat Your Cavity

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What Happens During an Oral Cancer Screening?

Oral cancer screenings are a very important part of general dental care as they ensure the health of patient’s oral cavity.

Tips for Keeping Dentures in Good Shape

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Tooth Extraction: 5 Do’s and Don’ts After Surgery

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Benefits of Replacing a Missing Tooth Immediately

A missing tooth can affect any smile, regardless of how healthy the rest of the person’s teeth are.

The Number of Dental Visits for a Dental Crown

A dental crown, also called a cap, forms the tooth’s outer covering, protecting the tooth from decay and damage.

How To Prepare For A Dental Implant Restoration

You can prepare for a dental implant restoration by scheduling your visit strategically and getting a good night of rest | How To Prepare For A Dental Implant Restoration | Dawson Dental Group